Fresh Zoom:
A Fresh Way To Take Zoom Calls
From The Office

Over the last year, as most companies had shifted to remote work, Zoom or Google Meet calls have now become part of our everyday lives. According to Zoom’s annual figures, the company estimated that the platform has 300 million daily meeting participants, compared to just 10 million in December 2019. A staggering figure that just goes to show how workplaces depend on the platform.

As companies are working towards an installation of a hybrid workspace that makes sense for them, fresh connect is staying at the momentum of digital transformation and committed to helping workplaces enter into the new normal.

We’ve recently launched our newest innovation, Fresh Zoom, which is transforming the way people take calls in the office.

As offices can be loud and not optimal for taking important client calls and for over a decade, companies tried to cut rental costs by designing more open-plan workspaces, which made taking important calls even harder for employees. It's been interesting to see in recent years how traditional phone booths have been making a comeback in offices, especially as companies are building more flexible and hybrid workspaces. Fresh Zoom takes the idea of an office phone booth to a new level.

Introducing Fresh Zoom Acoustic Booth
Our booths are revolutionizing the way people take calls in the office space. When thinking about regular phone booths which are used in offices around the world, what usually comes to mind? Well, the problem we found is that the average phone booth used in offices is usually uncomfortable, small with not a lot of space to move, feels stuffy with not a lot of good air ventilation, and only allows for phone calls. As opposed to the regular office phone booths, which are designed for phone calls lasting no longer than 10 minutes, our acoustic booth is designed with a great focus on the ergonomics of the space and the quality of air in the booth.

Each Fresh Zoom acoustic booth is equipped with a water filtration system, making it convenient to stay inside even as long as a 45-50 minute Zoom call. Not only the CO2 level is maintained, but also the correct air humidity.

For optimal comfort, we’ve included special features such as;
  • Soft and comfortable sofa
  • A ring light, to help you look your best
  • Perfect acoustics
  • A great zoom background
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Wireless and wired charging

Our team of professional designers, including designers from the world-renowned brand Porsche, and staff can custom design a booth for companies according to your dimensions and technical specifications. The booths are not only space-efficient but also take into account your corporate identity in the exterior as well as the interior of the booth.

Another important feature included in our booths is the ability to connect with our fresh connect app, allowing employees to book a time to use the booth or any other space in the office at their convenience and completely touch-free. Helping companies optimize the workplaces and saving up to 50% on rent annually.

Fresh Zoom is contributing to the new normal of workspaces which are approaching at a very rapid pace, and we are ready to work to help companies optimize and personalize office space.
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