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Empowering Workers Through a Flexible Office Plan

The Five Best Tools for a Hybrid Workspace
Flexible working isn’t just an option anymore; It’s something companies are turning to as a solution to most of their problems. Not only can a flexible workplace be safer through the pandemic, but it can actually empower your employees.
Why is it Important to Adapt Your Workplace?
The last couple years have taken an enormous toll on the world, making it even more important to put employees first as an organization. According to FlexJobs, 65% of remote workers won’t want to return to a “traditional” office after the pandemic ends. Because of this demand in hybrid and remote offices, we expect companies to offer more flexible options as they try to lure in future employees over their competitors.

With the mix of having employees in-office some days and remote on others, managers can better prioritize projects that require face-to-face collaboration and work that can be done solely. Overall, companies have the potential for major productivity boosts when looking at hybrid models, especially when using a software like inspace.
The Five Best Tools for a Hybrid Workspace
How Does Flexible Work Empower Employees?
It gives them more autonomy.
Employees often feel left out of the loop and micromanaged when being forced to work in a specific way. By empowering them through a hybrid workplace (especially when allowing them to create their own schedule of working in-person and remote), organizations can give the power back to them. When companies obviously trust and engage with their employees in this way, they can lower employee turnover and increase employee satisfaction in the workforce.
It allows employees to grow in new ways.
As the world becomes more technology-focused, the more important it is for employees to gain new technological skills. By offering a hybrid work option, employees can learn how to use cutting edge software to become more connected and “plugged in” to the future of work. Companies can take this many steps further by offering new training, workshops, and learning opportunities for teams to harness advanced skills.
It can help foster a sense of respect and trust from the company.
In an employee-driven culture, organizations empower employees to take charge of the work they do to create a direct impact in reaching company goals. As employers give their workers space to make their own decisions on how and when they want to work through a hybrid office, they are setting the foundation for respect and trust from both sides.
The Five Best Tools for a Hybrid Workspace
With that being said, organizations still find it hard to completely let their employees work on their own through flexible work. Rather than focusing on empowerment, companies attempt to use monitoring systems and other tools to enforce stricter management over employees. Not only can this lead employees to feel micromanaged, anxious, and stressed that they may do the wrong thing, but it actually disempowers workers.

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