Considering all the costs

As we prepare the workforce to reopen, it is important to understand and implement the appropriate return-to-work strategy while acknowledging what could go wrong. Here are a list of potential consequences to consider during this re-entry period for you and your staff:

If your business is not able to reopen promptly post-lockdown, revenue growth could be negatively impacted. If these delays continue for an extended period of time employee furloughing costs could spiral and profitability decrease.
Employee Returns
Key employees need to be brought back into work as a priority. If they remain at home on furlough their vital abilities and productivity could be hindered greatly
It is important to consider your company's reputation throughout the transition back to the office. Maintaining optimal safety standards post COVID-19 should be top priority. Any deviation in this area could lead to negative publicity and harm your company reputation and brand.
If your safety standards are not up to code this could quickly lead to legal action being pursued against the company. Be sure to consider any new post Covid19 guidelines your company should implement immediately.
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