4 reasons to bring your staff back into the office

Since #COVID-19, many companies have adjusted quite well to working from home. Naturally, it’s easy for these companies to assume these social distancing practices during lockdown are a long-term panacea for their businesses. Though working from home has its privileges for employees, it removes key business drivers that can only be implemented when working collectively from the same physical location.

Here are a few advantages to returning back to the office:

1. Productivity
Working from a more structured office environment affords employees the ability to focus on their work and get more done in their day without the distractions that can arise while at home.
2. Collaboration
Building teams in-person adds the human touch emails and videoconferencing cannot. When employees are physically able to see and talk with one another streamlining communications becomes much easier and, as a result, innovation and new ideas are developed more thoroughly.
3. Socialization
Employees can easily feel isolated when working remotely and shut off from face-to-face contact for long periods of time. Returning back to the workplace allows employees to be engaged and connected with their team members.
4. Coordination
Working across various departments becomes a hassle on large-scale video calls. Office-based work helps teams stay functional and achieve a broader discussion in physical meeting spaces rather than on digital platforms, such as Zoom.
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